Birthday, gifts & other wonderful things

Hello hello Beauts & Babes,

It’s been a while again! Hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to update you on the latest stuff going on in my life.

The first amazing thing really is that I have a new baby!! (No not a real baby, but a new gadget baby hahaha) I bought my first ever DSLR camera and I am LOVING it!! Since my birthday is coming up next week (June 2nd) I decided that it was time to splurge, BIG TIME! So I bought the Canon 1200D with an 18-55 mm lens. To be honest I have no clue as yet what all it can do, but I’m having a blast experimenting with it. Also it comes with a handy ‘Canon companion app’ which is a guide and tutorial on how to use the camera.

IMG_0110My first adventure with my camera was actually today during the International Natural Hair Meetup day in Amsterdam. My mom bought us some VIP tickets, so even though my hair is not natural (I am happily relaxed), I did have a great time. They had a few guest speakers, such as Dutch Naturalista, Lang Kroes Haar & The United Kinkdom.

These bags can be ordered at

Bags can be ordered at

The whole event was amazingly fun and informative. ALSOOOO I  got to buy a gorgeous new bag there, which was made in Ghana. I love the contrasts of material on this bag and the colours are just GORGEOUS! As soon as it caught my eye I knew I had to have it. I kinda told myself it was just another birthday gift from me to me LOL. But yeah I am pretty happy with all my gifts. my mom also got me some Vans and Reebok sneakers. I guess it’s safe to say my wardrobe is pretty much complete now.

As for the more boring stuff in my life, uni is still taking up most of my time. I have a thesis deadline coming up in two weeks and I am kind of clueless as to which statistical tests I need to do to get my results…. other than that life is going quite OK at the moment. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and summer’s coming, so what’s not to like!

Well that was it for this week’s update. What have you been up to world?




How To Make Eyes Stand Out with Photoshop Elements


A window to my house

Getting into photography means asking more and more questions. After taking some photographs in a studio during a creative photography course I wrote about earlier, it was my time to ask the question “How do you make eyes stand out… in Photoshop Elements?”. And the answer is – super easy!

Since I didn’t want to use anyone as a lab rat, I volunteered to be my own model. How noble. I took a recent photo, opened it with Photoshop Elements and cropped it using 5 x 5 in as a measurement so that I can show you easily. Obviously, how or whether to crop your photos depends on what you want out of them. So, let’s begin!

a First thing you want to do is zoom in on the eyes. Then from the left menu choose the Lasso Tool options and if not chosen already, pick the Magnetic lasso tool.

aa Next…

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Ins and outs on applying for Google student programmes + new youtube video!!


Hello hello Beauts, babes & other life forms!

Today’s post is going to be a bit different than my usual “awesome stuff I did/ bought this week” type of post. Although I do include my latest YouTube vid at the end which is a beautybox review comparing two Dutch beautyboxes *spoiler: they’re both pretty awesome*

The other thing that I wanted to share with you guys is about Google. If you follow me on Instagram and or Facebook you probably already know that I got accepted to attend an all expenses paid 3 day trip to the European Google HQ in Dublin Ireland… and if you didn’t know… well now you do! It’s a pretty great opportunity and I’m lucky to have been selected. A few people have asked me how I managed to get selected, and although I don’t know the complete selection criteria I thought I’d share how it went for me.

1. If you can, start preparing yourself years/months in advance. This means strategically participate in free Google programmes: strategically choose your courses, major, and try to diversify your academic background and experience.

In my first year of uni I joined a group of students and did the Google Online Marketing Challenge. And although we didn’t win or anything, it does give you much needed knowledge on tools such as Google Adwords and Analytics* AND it shows Google that you are interested in their company. So put some effort into preparing yourself before you apply. Also I wanted a broad and diverse academic a background. So my bachelor was in International Communication and media, while my current master (I will be doing 2) is in Management of Innovation.

*(If you don’t have any knowledge on online marketing yet, Google offers a great amount of free online classes)

2. Be active next to your studies. For me I have always been active at uni next to my studies. I became a university ambassador, I was a chairman/woman of a marketing  and acquisition committee, I helped with the setup and operations of the Introduction week, etc. This shows that you can manage your time, have diverse interests and depending on what you do, it can also show that you have experience with leadership positions, teamwork and that you are involved in your community.

3. Find backing, show excellence, build a network. This step is a bit harder to do. In essence what I mean is that you must find someone/an organization that will back you and give you references. In my case I was lucky and I was nominated for an excellence award which is given to students of non-western origins who show excellence in their academic career (ECHO). To be honest I did not even know ECHO existed and I was nominated by my bachelor degree coordinator while I was on exchange in Korea. For this reason I wasn’t very aware of the value of being a member of this network. I honestly have to say that I wouldn’t have known about this opportunity if it was not for them (that’s why luck is also one of the important factors here).

So anyway, about a month ago I received an email from Echo inviting me to apply for the programme and a special invite code (you can also apply without a code). So At the time I only had a week to write a motivation, find someone who would write me a letter of recommendation and collect all the needed documents and information. I contacted my thesis adviser who was kind enough to write me a letter of recommendation. In my motivation letter I made sure to stress my previous experiences with Google, how my academic background and experiences matched with Google but also how an experience with Google could help me.

4. Be lucky.  With be lucky I don’t mean just sit and wait for good things to happen. I am a firm believer of the fact that we create our own luck and our own destiny. If you work hard, stay focused and take the right steps, then your chances of encountering an opportunity go up. Luck is a result of all the steps you took before.

So my advice is to 1. show excellence, 2. Actively search for opportunities connected to Google both directly and indirectly, 3. Start networking and meeting people, you never know what might come out of it. 4. Work hard (& strategically) and be lucky

*Keep in mind that taking such steps will not guarantee you a job at Google, but for a company that receives over “2.5 million applications a year. That’s equal to 6,849 per day and about 5 per minute” (!!! Dayummm) every contact and exposure with the company can help increase your odds of eventually getting hired. 

So that was it for today! If you have any specific questions just ask them! I’m happy to answer them all. Thank you for reading and till next time!








As promised I am including my latest vid at the end 😀

Kingsday in Rotterdam

Hello Hello Beauts and Babes,

I neglected to post these past 2 weeks because I have seriously been so busy that is should be considered illegal to be that busy LOL. Anyway I thought it was time to update all of my followers on the things happening in Dee’s wonderful world.

Today is Kingsday!!!! Yaayyyy. It’s basically the day that the whole country celebrates the birthday of king Willem-Alexander. You can read all about his Majesty right here. So anyway, every year for his birthday the country turns orange, which is our national colour, and celebrates out on the streets. Seriously EVERYTHING IS ORANGE. Don’t believe me? Check out this pic:

On Kingsday the whole country celebrates with a variety of festivals and shows, and even flea markets. I myself had never been to a Kingsday festival before, so this year my friends and I decided to go to the ‘s Oranje Festival in my home city of Rotterdam. It was super crowded but I still managed to get a nice spot in the front at the podium, I’m pretty sure the film crew filmed me quite a few times. I must check the after video to see if I can spot myself hahahaha.

Anyway it turned out to be quite a fun day, even though I pulled an all-nighter yesterday trying to code 120 Kickstarter videos for my master thesis -___- . Trust me when I say it was not fun! And even though I am dead tired right now, I still wanted to update you guys.

Here are some pics of the festival (mostly selfies though) 😛 and some of my instavids.

20150427_190657 20150427_190728 20150427_190736 20150427_190739 20150427_190813

I hope you guys enjoyed my short post and thank you again for reading!! I tried to take a good picture of the makeup I had for the festival, but it didn’t really take well. Still I wanted to show it so here is a pic of that too.


Yes that is a huge pimple on my forehead 😦

IMG_1904 IMG_1911

I used:

– Peggy Sage Mosaic Powder  in Sienne Brûlée
– Peggy Sage Illuminating powder to highlight the brow bone
– gold and electric blue eyeshadow (unknown brand, got it as a gift)
–  ELF Eyeshadow primer

How did you spend your day? Let me know below in the comments 😀



No Heat – Spring Curls Tutorial

Hey there Beauts & Babes,

As promised I did a short tutorial on the Spring Curls hairstyle. Funny story: My room is a mess (we just moved to the new house and I seriously lack closet space for pretty much everything). So my brother, who lives on the other side of the globe (literally) sent both my mom and I a message telling me to clean my room since the whole world gets to see the mess, LOL.

Anyway if you can ignore the messy room then I hope you can enjoy the tutorial. If you do happen to try this style please send me a pic! I would love to see how it looks on other people 😀

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Spring style curly hair

Hello Hello Beauts & Babes,

Because it’s now officially spring, I decided to change up my hairstyle a bit with this easy to do twist-out hair style. It’s an overnight hair style that works great on textured hair. My hair is relaxed but even with my hair the style stays for quite a while. I will be posting a tutorial on this hair style soon (my first tutorial) so be on the lookout for that video 😀 In any case you will be needing a leave in conditioner for this style. I used the Dark & Lovely Anti-breakage Oil leave-in moisturizer mixed with some water. I conditioned my hair with this solution and then twisted my hair and wrapped the twists around themselves. (kinda hard to explain but the video will make it all clear).

This was my finished look!

20150327_133741 20150327_133739 20150327_133727

This was a very short post, as I am extremely busy with school and such. However the hairstyle will be explained further in the video 😀

Thank you for reading!


National Glamour Day mini Haul

Hello Hello Beauts and Babes,

Today I went shopping. I think that’s a good way to summarize what this post is about hahahaha. However, I did not just go shopping, I went National Glamour Day shopping. Every year the Glamour magazine here in the Netherlands organizes a national glamour day. On this joyous day you can receive 20% off of everything in store if you show this month’s glamour magazine. 

To be honest I almost forgot about Glamour day and only got my magazine yesterday (tip: the magazine comes with some nice samples, including a sample of Narcisso for women by Narcisso Rodriguez….  MUST GET!!!) 

Anywhooo, after rushing to the bookstore for a copy of my Glamour magazine I was ready to conquer the shops in search of 1. a (faux) leather jacket, 2. some nice strappy sandles for the spring/summer. I didn’t set out to buy a lot, because to be honest I’m on a tight student budget this month, but I got the things I went to buy including a nice little MAC cosmetics extra ^^:


1. Sacha Open Snake Sandles

These are seriously gorgeous sandles and they are very comfortable. I first tried on some sandles in the zara, but the zara did not have Glamour day discount soooo I decided not to buy those and to continue looking. I’m so glad I did. These sandles have a snake leather look to them which I think makes it a tad more sophisticated and makes the shoes look more expensive.

Original Price: €49,99 
Glamour Day price: €40
Click here to buy

2. Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket 

I know, I know… I said Zara did not have the Glamour Day discount, however I tried buying a gorgeous leather jacket in the Mango where they supposedly had the discount. However when I went to pay there was a sign saying that the discount did not count for (faux) leather wear… grrrr…. so in the end I ended up paying full price for a Zara jacket that I liked just a tad more than the Mango one. Since I had to pay full price anyway I might as well buy the one I like the best right? I Just love this jacket because it looks cool, yet feminine at the same time!!! 

Price: €59,99
Click here to buy

3. MAC Cosmetics Violette Amplified Lipstick

This buy was very impulsive and not planned at all. I went to the MAC store to get a concealer for my mom And I decided to take a look at the lipsticks, since I lost my Rebel lipstick (I know shame on me) and I have been looking for a RED lipstick for a while now. When choosing the lipsticks to try I took 2 red ones and then this bright purple just spoke to me you know. I had to try it, even though purple lipstick NEVER crossed my mind before. Both reds looked good on my but I still was not feeling them. However when I tried the purple I fell in love completely and had to make this impulsive buy. 

beanie lipstick

Coincidentally my mom bought a purple/grey spring beanie on the market today which matched the lipstick perfectly. Really it was meant to be hahahaha. 

Price: €19
Click here to buy

So that was it for today!! All you Dutchies, did you go shopping on Glamour Day, and if so what did you buy? 

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Een Dagje Uit

My city #represent!!

A window to my house

Rotterdam… It was a tough love at first… as in, it started as pure hate and ended up being a love story. And I’m going to share that story in the next three months as I prepare to go back home and leave with a massive suitcase full of awesome memories of my time here.

Today I was wandering around station Blaak.

On the first day of October in 2014 Queen Máxima of the Netherlands “opened” the Markthal Rotterdam. Holland’s first covered food market and a gorgeous one at that. I am going to use The Netherlands and Holland interchangeably from now on since Holland has a ring to it. If you’d like to learn why Holland is not The Netherlands and the whole nine yards on what is part of The Kingdom of The Netherlands I suggest you watch this awesome video:

As I haven’t gotten to a spot with a great…

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2 weeks into Hairfinity | Hair growth, Breakouts & more

Hi Beauts and Babes,

My new Hairfinity update video is up!!! This time I answer the 3 most asked questions about my Hairfinity experience. Enjoy, and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel.




Finally my try at eyeliner!

Hello Hello Beauts and Babes,

Finally I am making this eyeliner post. ok, ok I’m pretty late with this I know. But I have been quite busy and always forgot to take pictures of my eyeliner… also I love sleep so I tend to wake up too late hahahaha. I am by no means an expert and as I said in my previous eyeliner post, it’s one of the many challenges in make-up application for me, but practice makes perfect. What is your favourite liner style?

p.s. I am not wearing any make-up in these pictures and my eyebrows needed plucking again 😛

I never wear the basic liner, but I might start too… doesn’t look too bad


This is my everyday liner style


My favourite! Winged drama


Very Ancient Egyptian… mom says it’s old school 70’s lol


Huge drama… wouldn’t wear this one everyday… and failed to apply it correctly anyway


Long tailed liner


liner all around. Used a white liner on my inner lower lash line… it doesn’t look too good from so close up, but it does open my eyes up when seen from further away


first time I tried lining my whole eye plus a wing… kinda like this look 🙂


Just a bonus pic