Dee’s Amazing Book Review – The Fault in our stars – by John Green

Hello hello New and loyal readers!!

Today I am going to do something NEWWW and different and AWESOMEEE (okay well awesome is debatable, but it’s definitely newww)!! So I got a new neighbour this week and he’s this awesome hipster-like dude who reads books in English!! :o!! For those of you who don’t know, I only read books in English, I detest reading books in any other language. I don’t know exactly why but I do.

The back-story to Dee’s Amazing Book Review

So back to my hipster neighbor who I call Hipster Crab (HC)  (Long story short, he went sunbathing and slept 4 hours in the sun… needless to say he got burnt… badly… red like a crab. So anyway HC is a fervent reader and recommended me to read a book which I did and this book is what I will be reviewing today!

The book is called ” The fault in our stars” by John Green and it was apparently a NY Times best seller. In short the story is about a girl who has terminal cancer and is on constant medication to keep the cancer manageable. She meets this hot hunk of a guy at a cancer support group who completely turns her world upside down.  At first when I read the back I was like “ugh this is going to be one boring depressing book”  but since I promised Mr. Hipster Crab (HC) that I would read it I decided to keep my promise, and besides mr. HC said the book was really good and that part of it took place in Amsterdam (and I live in the Netherlands/Holland) so I got curious.

The Amazing Review

The book starts off brutally honest about cancer. The thoughts of the main character ‘Hazel’ are raw and unfiltered. I really like that. I like the fact that nothing is sugarcoated. The book looks at cancer from the point of view of the ‘sufferer’ or ‘victim’ if you like and shows that having a disease does not change who you are as a person fundamentally. What made this book a best seller I believe is the sarcastic humor that Hazel has. I found myself often bursting into random laughter just by the way she phrases things. I was also touched by her view on her own disease.

I don’t know how John Green did it but he managed to capture the mind of a girl perfectly in my opinion. He made you as a reader become part of Hazel and understand her disease without pitying her. I found myself reluctant to put the book down to sleep even though I had to wake up for work in the morning. It is not often anymore that a book captivates me in such a way (I do have to admit that I have not done much reading in the past months though).

Today I rushed back home in my lunch break to finish reading the book. And I have to say the ending did not disappoint. Of course knowing that it’s a book about a terminally ill girl you expect sadness yet I found myself crying throughout the whole 2nd half of the book. Touching dialogues and brutally honest views on life and death and a romance so tragically beautiful it is just not possible to hate the book.


I know that it’s a short review, but I do not want to give away too much of the story for those who still have to read it. So if you’re looking for a more thorough review then I refer you to the following link. Now for my rating of the book i’ll give it a good 8,5 out of 10. It made me want to read it in one go and it left me surprisingly satisfied despite all the sadness and grief. The writing was good, and the humor definitely fit my personal taste. CONCLUSION: I would definitely recommend this book!

The Amazing (I Hope) Movie

While writing this short yet Amazing review on “The fault in our stars”  I found out that they actually made a movie about it which will be released June of this year (2014). I saw the trailer and I’m hopeful. Usually when a movie is made from a good book, they tend to totally screw up the movie by adding random stuff or taking important details out, but again I am hopeful after viewing the trailer.  Check out the trailer below, and if you’ve happened to have read the book leave a comment with your short little review or  just random thoughts!!

X Dee

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